By introducing scientific generalization to every aspect software engineering, Byteology helps businesses tackle software complexity and grow.

  1. We gather and detail the information defining your domain
  2. We design and implement software solutions
  3. We design and execute complete recruitment strategies
  4. We tailor custom personnel training programs
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Software Engineering

Software engineering is a complex process that spans many fields of study. We have spent decades on improving each of them and are ready to help you in every aspect of your next software development endeavor.

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Strategic Recruitment

Our team will design a complete recruitment strategy and conduct technical and social interviews on your behalf so you can focus of your core business.

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Education and Training

Byteology will provide you with a number of tailored personnel training services to help your business scale and grow.

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Here's who is behind Byteology

  • Software Engineer and Technical Architect with over 20 years of experience
  • MENSA International member
  • Former Head of Development with over 15 successful projects in the finance and energy sectors
  • Extensive experience in project management and leading teams of software engineers
  • Developed e-banking software for one of the largest independent financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe
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