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Our Mission

Every problem begins as a simple one and then grows in complexity over time. Complexity differs from difficulty though. There are profound difficulties in simple things and only by understanding and tackling those, you can truly master the ever-growing complexity of modern solutions.

This concept is called scientific generalization and it refers to the extent to which findings of an empirical investigation hold for a variation of populations and settings.

At Byteology, we are constantly studying and building tools and methodologies that support the scientific generalization process and it is our mission and passion to bring it into every aspect the software engineering world including recruitment, training and software development.

Here's who is behind Byteology

  • Software Engineer and Technical Architect with over 20 years of experience
  • MENSA International member
  • Former Head of Development with over 15 successful projects in the finance and energy sectors
  • Extensive experience in project management and leading teams of software engineers
  • Developed e-banking software for one of the largest independent financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe

Byteology's main operation is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is governed by EU jurisdiction and follows EU regulations, privacy and compliance laws.

Introductory Meeting (15 min) We'll quickly tell you about who we are and what we do, and let you decide if we can be of any assistance in the future. Schedule Explore a Service (30 min) We'll tell you everything you would want to know about one of our services and answer all your questions. Schedule Free Consultation (60 min) We'll discuss into detail what your current pain points are and then share our expertise and even follow up with possible solutions and best next actions. Schedule

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