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Education and Training

Every team will require some sort of training at some point. Unfortunately, teaching a skill requires a different kind of expertise than just knowing it. This, coupled with the amount of resources that go into training preparations, sometimes makes internal trainings too disruptive.

Byteology will provide you with a number of training services to help your business scale and grow while you focus on your core business.


A high intensity trainings aimed towards people with little or no experience in order to put them on the path of becoming true professionals.

Onboarding Programs

Instructional materials and documentation aimed at introducing new employees to the project in order to increase efficiency, engagement and retention.

Educational Curriculums

A handcrafted syllabus and training materials with the goal of improving certain skills over a long period of time.


Personal sessions with highly experienced professionals with the goal of improving skills and traits by giving advice and assistance.


Short bursts of practical studies used to improve the general understanding of a concept, skill or technology.

Introductory Meeting (15 min) We'll quickly tell you about who we are and what we do, and let you decide if we can be of any assistance in the future. Schedule Explore a Service (30 min) We'll tell you everything you would want to know about one of our services and answer all your questions. Schedule Free Consultation (60 min) We'll discuss into detail what your current pain points are and then share our expertise and even follow up with possible solutions and best next actions. Schedule

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